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Are you asking yourself  “where can I find an affordable and reliable windows doors and conservatories company near me?”? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place.

Conservatories are incredibly popular home adjustments for a multitude of reasons. They can provide a much-needed extra room (such as a playroom for children or a study), bring light into the house or just provide a gateway between inside and out at all times of the year.

Not all conservatories are created equal, however. Many homeowners who choose to have a substandard conservatory fitted find themselves with a sauna in the summer, a freezer in the winter and a deafening experience in the rain. Our conservatories are built to withstand the worst of British weather and provide a comfortable, dry, secure room all year round.

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Hundreds of happy customers have enlisted us to design, manufacture and build their conservatory. We offer a service that stands head and shoulders above our local competitors with all the assurances and guarantees of the national firms. In addition to offering conservatories, we also offer bi fold doors, composite front doors, UPVC windows and UPVC doors in Liverpool.

Getting a conservatory in Liverpool FAQs

How much do conservatories cost UK?

The cost of a 3m x 3m (9 metres squared) conservatory in the UK is £11,700. This is just a guide and does not take into account your home, overall designs and choice of materials.

How much does it cost to get a conservatory fitted?

With conservatories prices, including installation are usually standard but do your checks. Though, you can expect to pay anywhere from £5,000 for a basic lean-to conservatory. And up to £15,000 for a deluxe Gable with a glass-panelled roof.

What is the average cost of a small conservatory?

The average cost of a small conservatory is from around £5,800 for a small lean to conservatory, up to from around £18,000 for a small orangery conservatory. The type of conservatory that you want to build will have a significant impact on prices. Reference:

Is it worth getting a conservatory?

Yes, it is well worth getting a conservatory, as they have proven to be a valuable asset to one’s home. Named as one of the top smart renovations that actually adds value to your home, the conservatory is thought to increase the sale price of a property by five per cent on average.

Is it worth putting a radiator in a conservatory?

While it may be temporarily disruptive, extending your existing central heating pipework and adding a radiator or two is a highly effective way of heating a conservatory. Building Regulations may need to be considered if you are to extend your central heating to a new conservatory.

Are conservatories a waste of money?

Conservatories are not a waste of money. They may not be the latest trend in home improvements, but they are arguably even more special now than they ever have been before. We see first-hand how conservatories have become the centre-piece of a property.

Which is better extension or conservatory?

Typically, you will save significantly more by installing a conservatory instead of building an extension. Whereas a conservatory is usually priced depending on the size and style you require, extension costs are normally priced per square metre.

Can you put a TV in a conservatory?

Yes, you can put a TV in a conservatory. In fact, it is the perfect place to put an extra TV and some comfy armchairs so parents can sneak away and watch some TV in peace and quiet whilst the youngsters view wall-to-wall reality TV in another room in the house.

Does a conservatory affect council tax?

The law, as it currently stands, states that any alterations or extensions will not affect the council tax valuation band until the property is sold. This means that for as long as you stay in the property, you can not expect any increases due to your extension or conservatory project.

Can I sleep in a conservatory?

The short answer is yes, you can sleep in a conservatory. For many people is a way of creating an additional room, without having to spend a high amount of money on a brick extension. It definitely can be used as a bedroom just like a brick extension could double up as a bedroom also.

Can a conservatory be used as a living room?

A conservatory can be used as an extra living room to give you extra space where you can enjoy peace, quiet, solitude and relaxation in sunny, light surroundings and with the option of a clear glass roof you can also enjoy gazing at the stars on a clear evening.

Can a conservatory be warm in winter?

Conservatories can get cold in the winter, but there are plenty of things you can do to make them warmer. Radiators can be installed to take the chill out of the room, although under floor heating is a much more effective and cost-efficient way of keeping the conservatory warm.

Can you have underfloor heating in a conservatory?

Underfloor heating is suitable for almost any floor finish, but a practical and durable floor is usually best for a conservatory. Ceramic tile or natural stone are popular and responsive floor finishes and ideal with underfloor heating. A conservatory is a great place to relax all year round.

Do I need foundations for a conservatory?

Like other new extensions, conservatories must have foundations in place. Foundations are necessary for transmitting the building’s weight safely to the ground. Without adequate foundations, the structural integrity of a conservatory is severely affected.

Can you knock through into a conservatory?

A good-sized standard conservatory is not subject to planning permission in the majority of cases, but projects that involve knocking down doors or walls can raise some red flags. A conservatory is only free from the constraints of building regulations when there is a separating door, window, or wall.

Can I put a kitchen in a conservatory?

Conservatories get lots of light, which is ideal for a kitchen, although you will need to possibly consider utilising solar control glazing to help reduce heat build-up in warmer weather. It makes the room a much more pleasant environment, one you will want to spend time in even when you’re not cooking meals.

Can you build a conservatory without planning permission?

To build without the need for planning permission, a conservatory mustn’t be any bigger than 50% of the area around the original house – including sheds and outbuildings. A rear conservatory can’t be higher than four metres, but if it’s within two metres of the boundary, it must be three metres or less in height.

How high should a dwarf wall be for a conservatory?

A dwarf wall is a low wall that is often used as a garden wall, or as the base for the perimeter of a conservatory or porch structure. It can be applied to any wall that is less than one-storey in height, but typically dwarf walls are less than 1 metre tall.

How high can conservatory walls be?

Most conservatory walls are less that a metre in height; and typically you can choose a conservatory design which has a wall height between 600mm and 900mm.

What is a good size for a conservatory?

The most popular size for a small conservatory is 10′ x 8′. A popular size for a large conservatory is 10′ x 20′ – large enough for dual use, with a lounge area and a dining area or perhaps a utility room and a lounge area.

How big can a conservatory be without planning?

You can build a conservatory or single-storey extension without planning permission if: It is a maximum height of 4m high or 3m high (if within 2m of a boundary). The conservatory does not cover more than half the garden. The roof ridge or top point is not higher than the eaves of a property’s roof.

Does a conservatory add value to your house?

Conservatories will add value to a home, but they need to be made with quality materials and provide a lot of light in order for the value to be significant. Done correctly, a conservatory costing between £4,000 and £10,000 could increase value by five per cent – an average of around £15,000.

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    Features of an

     Allerton Windows conservatory

    • Celsius glass with heat reflection, argon insulation & UV protection
    • Easy Clean glass technology to minimise manual cleaning
    • Lead-free PVCu construction
    • Dozens of options for colour, shape and size
    • Noiseless glide and effortless opening mechanism
    • Patented and insurance company improved ModLok system
    • Ten-year guarantee against fading, cracking and warping
    • Why choose Allerton Windows for your Conservatory?
    • Allerton Windows has over 25 years of experience in the trade, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and aim to provide the speediest service possible. Installation is simple and quick and can also add real value to your home without compromising on security.

      We’re a Liverpool business through and through, as such, in the spirit of our great city we consider it our responsibility to treat all our customers fairly from our first meeting to our last.

    • What happens from my initial design ideas?
    • From your initial idea, we will be able to design a conservatory that will suit your idea and needs. After a consultation we will be able to offer various designs ranging from:

      Lean to

    • What happens after construction of the base?
    • After construction of the base, our managing surveyor will attend site and complete a final measure. This will allow for the discussions on window designs and openings within your conservatory.

    • What is Allerton Windows' construction process?
    • Once the base on your conservatory has been constructed, our managing surveyor will come and take a final measurement and agree on all windows and openings. Then our technicians will come and complete the transformation of your home.

    • What happens after completion of the project?
    • After the completion of your project, our installation manager will walk through the works.  Ensuring the works are completed and the final product is what you envisaged from the first idea of improving your home.

    Finished orangery with french doors in Liverpool.


    We are delighted with our new conservatory. It is a lovely addition to our home. We would like to thank everyone at Allerton Windows for their service, skill and excellent customer service. From the outset everything was made plain, costs specified and design implications explained so we were fully in the picture. The groundwork and brickwork were started early so there was more of a gap than we expected between that and the superstructure being erected. However, once the fitters came on site everything flowed efficiently through in just over a week to the final handover. We were kept fully informed when each team would arrive, and it was a pleasure to have them working on our property. Brilliant job, we will use Allerton Windows again.

    Having been burnt by bad builders, and as a single woman, I was wary about who to trust to build my conservatory. The salesman who came from Allerton Windows really put my mind at rest about putting my faith in the company along with all the recent positive reviews. From the start, all the workmen were polite and professional and honest about time frames for the job The office staff would always keep me updated with times and dates.I have a lovely conservatory as promised and exactly as I wanted. You can be confident that they will deliver what you want.

    Well with a little trepidation we decided to have the conservatory replaced. From beginning to end, a five-star team, we could not have asked for a more professional team from the guys actually installing the new conservatory to the plasterers and the flashing man, brilliant. They were neat and tidy workers and took all the waste away. We are just putting the finishing, personal touches to the completed works and looking forward to resuming taking breakfast and red squirrel spotting very soon. Thank you Allerton windows for an all-round top job.

    Allerton Windows have done a fantastic job on my conservatory. The quality of the products are amazing and it looks great. Nothing was too much trouble for the three blokes who fitted the conservatory. They were very professional, punctual, tidy and they are a credit to Allerton Windows. Allerton Windows from start to finish provided an excellent service and I wouldn't hesitate at all to recommending them to anyone.