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Spread the cost of your new uPVC windows with a finance option that suits you.

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Transform your home with energy-efficient uPVC Windows

If you’re looking for smart ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency and add value to your home with curb appeal then trust Allerton Windows with your home renovation. 

Whether you need a refurbishment refresh or maybe building a new extension, uPVC windows not only add value to your home but also save you money in the long run

Allerton Windows offer bespoke designs with expert installation for a smooth service from start to finish. With hundreds of five-star reviews, you know you can trust our experienced team with your renovation project.

Reduce your heating bills and increase your home’s efficiency rating with a range of uPVC window styles to suit your home.

Why Choose Allerton Windows

  • Made to orderMade and measured to your exact project and installed perfectly for you.
  • Expert installation25 years of experience improving homes in the North West.
  • 500+ great reviewsHundreds of five-star reviews from happy customers.
  • Established in 1995Liverpool’s largest local independent specialist.
  • Local BusinessTreating all our customers fairly from our first meeting to our last.

Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Did you know up to 20% of your home’s heat is lost through windows and doors? All of our uPVC windows are supplied by leading manufacturer Liniar. With their patented bubble gasket, the continuous seal eliminates draughts and adds extra water resistance.

Make a smart move by opting for energy-efficient uPVC windows, saving you money on those all-important energy bills.

Design Options to Suit Your Style

Choose from a wide range of colours and styles for your new uPVC windows. Make a statement or add consistency. From uPVC casement windows to modern bay designs, you can add specific elements and colour options to make them your own.

Find your favourite wood grain or foil colour and add a plethora of personal touches, from handle styles to Georgian bars and mock flush sash horns. There’s a style for every personality.

Trust Allerton Windows

So if you’re looking for replacement windows, to increase your thermal efficiency with double-glazed window sets or maybe show off a new style with sash windows, Allerton Windows has the option for you. Read on for any frequently asked questions or get a quote today for your next project.

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Why choose Allerton Windows

for your uPVC windows?

  • Your project is completely taken care of, from design consultation to surveying and installation
  • Hundreds of five-star reviews from happy customers
  • Experienced, trustworthy team with over 25 years of experience
  • Choose from a range of the very best window fascias 
  • UPVC windows are long-lasting and easy to clean
  • 10-year guarantee on all UPVC window projects
  • Pay over three years interest-free with a 10% deposit






Why Choose UPVC Windows?

  • Energy efficientWith cost-effective double glazing, you can reach an energy rating of A+ and a U-value as low as 0.8 if you opt for triple glazing. Increase your energy rating and save money in the long run by reducing your bills.
  • Continuous sealWith ultra-slim sightlines and continuous seals all around, you can welcome natural light, minimise draughts and increase water resistance.
  • Winter warmthLiniar’s patented bubble gasket frames with multiple uPVC chambers prevent the cold outside air from transferring into your home. Keeping your family warm all year round.
  • Curb appealWith many colours, foils, styles and finer details such as handles and Georgian bars to mix and match, you can create a frontage that shows off your personal style.
  • Made to orderOur uPVC windows are never ‘off the shelf’. Your new windows are made to your exact style and size specifications.
  • Added securityLiniar’s patented designs are PAS24, Secured by Design and Part Q accredited, ensuring the safest possible windows around. You can also add child restrictors upon request for added peace of mind.
  • Easy cleaningNo major work or specific products are necessary. Simply wipe down your new uPVC windows with warm water and dish soap, removing debris from any tracks and your windows will look good as new for years to come.

UPVC Windows To Suit You

Choose from a wide range of UPVC window styles to suit your home. Either visit us in our showroom to see our range for yourself or arrange a visit from one of our team to help you decide the best fittings to match your home’s style.

All our windows are available in a number of styles, colours and finishes that can seamlessly match your home’s look. Take a look at our gallery to see just a few of our finished UPVC window projects.

Made To Measure UPVC Windows

Benefit from the latest in window technology when choosing from Liniar’s range of technically advanced products. All Liniar windows are made in Britain from lead-free energy-efficient materials and recyclable UPVC.

Whichever style of window that you opt for, we’ll ensure that your new windows are made-to-measure, guaranteeing the very best fit.

Secure & Energy Efficient

You’ll be able to sleep safely at night knowing that your windows come fitted with the latest high-security locking systems as standard. You’ll also rest easier in the knowledge that your new UPVC windows are optimised to keep your home warmer and your energy bills lower.

Your new windows offer the very latest A+ rated window featuring a multi-chambered profile. Incredible energy efficiency means that draughts are eliminated and your home is better insulated. All of this results in a warmer home that is cheaper to heat.

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Buy On Finance

3 years interest-free financing is available.

Restrictions apply, credit is subject to status, application, financial circumstances and borrowing history.

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The reviews speak for themselves.


The guys did a great job and went above and beyond. Really pleased with the windows, porch and the overall service. Couldn't rate them more highly and would use them again for any future house improvements.

Delighted !!!! Just had all the side of our house done 7 Windows and I can't praise them enough. The widows a lovely an the fitting was quick, clean and very reasonable. We've used this company before and wouldn't go anywhere else. We'll be going back when our conservatory needs replacing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ????

We have recently changed our windows. Choose to go with Allerton window because of the reviews and recommendation from the neighbour. Tony has been extremely helpful through the whole process. Our situation was a bit complex and time consuming. Tony was very patient and provided many useful advices. It feels like that nothing is too much trouble for him. The windows look great. The fitting team is very efficient and polite. Highly recommended!

We can honestly say the whole workforce were brilliant ! they worked none stop even Saturday's and Sunday's! if need be,in some really awful weather! totally trustworthy, we even went on holiday knowing our house was in safe hands! Any problems or snags we had, Tony had them sorted straight away, he even took the time to take in our kitchen from the supplier because we were away! Even extra works that needed doing separately like getting the floors tiled and the kitchen fitted, and new radiator system he knew people who could do that for us! again at really competitive prices! And to top it all! the extension was complete within 7 weeks! Amazing!! We honestly cannot recommend this company enough! from the management to the lads on the extension ! the girls in the office! and the window and door fitters! No nonsense straight talking people! A Brilliant job!








  • What is the price of UPVC windows?
  • All of our designs and installations are completely unique and based on your preferences. This means prices can change when it comes to colour, style and other modifications such as handles.

    As a guideline, our uPVC windows start from £550 per window. We also offer a free Composite or French Door worth up to £1,800 when you opt for a full house refresh on your windows.

  • What are UPVC windows?
  • UPVC is the material used to make the windows, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. It is a strong but lightweight and low-maintenance material perfect for keeping the warm air in. UPVC is a great substitute for painted wood and a cheaper alternative to timber or aluminium. This is why uPVC windows are often found with a wood grain effect. Choose your uPVC windows from a wide range of styles to suit your home, and then trust our experienced team to manage the project with minimum fuss.

  • What is the difference between PVC and UPVC windows?
  • PVC and uPVC are two vinyl materials used in the construction industry thanks to their durability and flexibility. However, despite what you may see online, PVC is not used to make windows due to its chemical composition. PVC is more commonly used for siding and fencing, whereas uPVC is used for windows and doors.

  • What is better UPVC windows or aluminium?
  • Both aluminium and UPVC are commonly used to build windows, and which material you choose will depend on your requirements. uPVC tends to be more affordable however both materials if looked after, can last up to 20 years. Those seeking a sleeker design may choose aluminium for its flexibility, however, there are many imitation wood effects which aren’t possible with this material.

  • How long do UPVC windows last?
  • How long your uPVC windows will last depends entirely on how well you look after them. As previously mentioned, mobilising the hinges throughout summer, and cleaning out the drainage holes will ultimately give your uPVC a longer lifespan.
    Following our professional aftercare advice is the best practice to keep your windows looking new for longer. Follow our tips and your uPVC windows can last anywhere between 20 and 35 years.

  • Are wooden windows better than uPVC?
  • Wooden windows have different properties to uPVC and may be more suitable for homeowners willing to pay more money and spend more time maintaining them over the years. Whilst the argument could be made for wooden windows lasting much longer than uPVC, this longevity is not guaranteed and can only be achieved with frequent maintenance and care. In comparison, uPVC is more affordable and can be maintained quickly and easily.

  • What are the benefits of uPVC windows?
  • uPVC windows have a number of benefits that make them an ideal choice when choosing to replace old windows. uPVC is highly customisable, giving the customer a wide range of choices of styles and colours. This material also doesn’t compromise on security, in combination with industry-standard locking mechanisms, these windows provide excellent protection from intruders. Both soundproofing and heat insulation is provided with these windows, with all windows also being fire-resistant.

  • How often should uPVC windows be replaced?
  • Generally speaking, uPVC windows should only be replaced when they are showing physical signs of wear. Over the course of 20 or 30 years, uPVC windows may lose their integrity leading to draught or small leaks. Cracks, chips or broken panes obviously require fixing straight away. Some homeowners will consider replacing their uPVC windows when they feel that they’re no longer receiving the sound and heat insulation benefits of the material.

  • What areas in Liverpool do you service?
  • Allerton Windows are based in Bootle, allowing us to provide Liverpool and the whole of the North West with an expert UPVC window installation service. We’re the leading installers of UPVC windows in Liverpool, covering all boroughs of the city including Kirby, Knowsley, Huyton, Belle Vale, Woolton, Aigburth, Dingle, Toxteth, Vauxhall, Bootle, Seaforth, Great Crosby Litherland, Aintree, Walton Wavertree, Woolton, Warbreck and more.

  • What are the common problems with uPVC Windows?
  • One of the most common problems with uPVC windows is rusting or damaged screws, hinges or locks. Leaving your windows open for a long time can corrode these materials and your windows may become stiff.
    Another common problem is when the small oblong drainage holes become blocked, meaning water cannot drain out and internal dampness develops. However, a quick fix to these problems is regularly cleaning and closing the windows to keep their metalwork good as new and drain holes clear.
    Although they are easy to clean and low-maintenance, unfortunately, they cannot be customised once installed. This means you can’t sand, paint or polish your windows after installation. We suggest you choose the style you know you’ll be happy with for a long time.

  • How strong are uPVC Windows?
  • UPVC is a robust, rigid material to choose for your windows. UPVC windows are very secure as they incorporate multi-locking systems all around the sash and frame providing a high level of security for your home. The secure frames and unique locking system provide the necessary strength to make it tough for anyone to break in and they are not easily messed with.
    Double-glazed uPVC windows are resistant to impact and it would take a real effort to break them. This is also true of triple-glazed uPVC windows, for added protection and thermal resistance.

  • Do uPVC Windows warp in the sun?
  • It's completely normal for windows and doors to swell during the hotter months. Like timber and composite, uPVC windows suffer from swelling. UPVC expands and contracts slightly in more intense weather conditions, but there are some ways to combat this swelling.
    You can cool down your uPVC windows by spraying them with water, or by gently patting them with a damp cloth. This can help the material to shrink back down to size but as mentioned, this swelling is natural.

  • Do uPVC Windows fade?
  • If you’re searching for the right window material for you, uPVC can oftentimes be the cheaper option. It is possible that uPVC windows fade over time. This is usually due to sun exposure, and you’ll likely notice it more on south-facing uPVC windows.

  • Are uPVC Windows draughty?
  • Broken hinges, corroded locks or perished seals are all ways in which your uPVC windows can become draughty. However, each and every one of our professional installation team has years of experience to ensure a secure installation of your new uPVC windows. Therefore, draughts would only occur if you do not follow our tailored aftercare advice.

  • Are uPVC Windows resistant to scratches?
  • One of the most common concerns of homeowners looking to buy uPVC windows is whether the paint itself is scratch resistant. The bottom line is no paint is scratch resistant. But some paints are harder than others. Every one of our professionals takes extra care not to damage your new uPVC windows during installation.

  • Can you paint uPVC-type of windows?
  • In short, yes you can paint uPVC windows. However, we suggest not to, since uPVC is not designed to be painted and therefore needs extra care such as specific paint requirements.

  • Can you fit uPVC windows yourself?
  • Whilst it is possible to do so, we don’t recommend that you attempt to fit them yourself. It wouldn’t be prudent to spend hundreds of pounds on new uPVC windows, to then risk compromising the security of your home by installing them on your own.
    Our professional workmen are here to measure up and fit your new uPVC windows, to guarantee the outstanding security that you’ve paid for.

  • Do uPVC Windows require maintenance?
  • Fortunately, uPVC windows are super easy to clean. If the inside of your uPVC windows gets a little grubby or dusty, all you need is a damp cloth and some washing-up liquid! A proper wash of the exterior side twice a year is sufficient enough to keep your new uPVC windows gleaming. We also recommend keeping the latches, hinges, drain holes and tracks free from debris with a little dust now and again.

  • Are uPVC Windows worth it?
  • UPVC windows are the cheapest option when it comes to refreshing your home. The robust, durable material can easily last a lifespan of 20 to 35 years when taken good care of. This is why uPVC windows are such a worthwhile investment. Not to mention, the wide variety of features, colours and styles available to make your home unique to you.

  • What types of uPVC Windows do we sell?
  • Whether you’re looking for a classic casement style, bolder bay window, sleek sash style or an orangery upgrade we have a wide range to choose from. Take a look below for design ideas and inspiration for your home’s new look.
    Whichever style of window that you opt for, we’ll ensure that your new windows are made-to-measure, guaranteeing the very best fit.

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