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Curb Appeal Trends for 2023 (Is It Really Worth It?)

By Tony Hanratty on 1st February 2023 (updated: 5th February 2024) in Blog

A lick of paint, a jet-washed driveway, and a mown lawn. All of these are great ways to boost the curb appeal of your home. From DIY fixes and a good refresh, you can add thousands to your home’s selling price. Making your home easy on the eye for both passing footfall, your local community, and those looking to buy in your area.

Allerton Windows has been servicing homeowners for almost 30 years, with a variety of windows, doors, fascias and more to offer, we’ve grown to watch the trends come and go. We’ve got years of knowledge boosting curb appeal for our customers and we’re here to let you in on some of the trials and trends we’ve found over the years.

Updated curb appeal of suburban home in merseyside, by expert windows and doors specialists Allerton Windows

The last two years have seen a rise in DIY projects and home renovations, mostly thanks to the lockdowns, but catapulted by interior (and exterior) designs from creators on social media. Creative ideas for boosting curb appeal and making your home more unique to you have become a popular topic for creators across the world and brought back the UK’s love of home renovations. So, how much value does curb appeal really add? Is it really worth it, and what are the curb appeal trends for 2023 looking like?

How much value does curb appeal add?

The answer to this question can be varied. But no matter what, refreshing the front of your home will definitely add value. Whether it’s a lick of paint or a new set of windows and doors, the return on your investment can differ from task to task.

Dulux has explored how much value curb appeal can add to UK homes in their Great British Exterior Trends Report 2022. The report details the most-searched-for exterior trends in 2022, including colour palettes and features such as a fresh set of windows or a new front door. Exterior walls are the most searched-for feature, closely followed by a new front door.

Money-saving expert, Martin Lewis backs the idea that boosting your home’s curb appeal can increase its value in his how-to-sell a house guide.

The HomeOwner’s Alliance also shares stats from a study about kerb appeal in the UK, stating that 68% of homeowners think kerb appeal is important, with windows in great condition as their most important aspect. Here are some variables to consider:

  • On-trend front door colours can spark bidding wars, adding up to £20K
  • Adding off-street parking with a paved driveway can add up to £5K in value
  • Changing the name of your home through your council can add up to £30k
  • Good first impressions can bring in more interest, and more bids

Whatever you choose to change, keeping renovation costs at 15% of the overall value will guarantee the best return on investment.

Infographic about how to improve curb appeal of your home by Allerton Windows

How to boost curb appeal?

There are tons you can do to boost the curb appeal of your home. From repointing brickwork, repairing broken or missing roof tiles, repainting or replacing doors, windows and old garage doors, repainting the exterior walls, repairing or removing broken cladding such as render, adding extra space and storage with a porch, including exterior lighting, replacing your house sign, number or even renaming your house, or adding climbing plants and trellises with beautiful and perfumed plants such as wisteria. There are loads of trends and ideas to keep up with and we’ve got some examples of our own curb appeal boosters!

Allerton Windows Top Curb Appeal Boosters

Here are just a few of our curb appeal boosters from the last year or so.

Happy Homeowner Relieved from Yellow Walls


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“Ta-daaa! All done and couldn’t be happier. So we have

  • New roof (soffits and fascias)
  • New windows
  • New render
  • New porch and door

It looks so much better and I’m happy not to be the embarrassing yellow/orange house on the road lol” – Smithfield House

A fresh render, porch with exterior lighting, matching windows and doors to suit your style and sleek matching soffits and fascias for the extra details. Find out more about our porches today.

Pinnacle Red Door Makes Home Pop


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Why stop at just a new front door when you can beautify your home with double-glazed side panels like this one? Red is not only one of the most popular front door colours, but also Pantone’s colour of the year for 2023! Whether it’s to add value with curb appeal, or personalise for yourself, follow the trends and make your house pop with a popular colour such as red, black or grey!

Bold Statement Door With Personalised Touches


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“ It’s exactly how I imagined, so so pleased to be rid of that old white door 🦋🖤

Can’t thank the lads at @allerton_windows enough for all they’ve done from measuring up to installing and everything in between. It’s absolutely perfect” – Lucky Nuber 34

Door knockers, house numbers and even house names can add a personal touch to your exterior design in 2023. Get creative and try a style that suits you, or find a trend to draw a crowd.

Spacious Porch for Added Space and Security


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All of our porches are built to the same excellent standards as our conservatories and orangeries, with materials produced from our factory in Liverpool. Extend the front of your home with a new porch and add energy efficiency, extra security and spacious storage for coats, shoes, umbrellas and more.

Mix Materials for a Front Facing Focal Point


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Looking for something a little different? Here is a beautiful porch and garage conversion we built, complete with Anthracite grey french doors, Irish oak cladding, slate grey windows and laminate flooring. Make use of space that doesn’t serve you by renovating your garage into a room that does! Think about a house extension to add space, value and curb appeal.

How to create curb appeal on a budget?

If you’re hoping to create curb appeal on a budget, sometimes a simple spring clean of your driveway, patio, lawn or exterior walls and windows can be an easy way to create a great first impression. Meaning more buyers are likely to take an interest.

Have a simple clean-up to attract more buyers, learn how to paint a uPVC door yourself for a splash of colour, or hire a jet wash to give those patio slabs a good rinse!

Changing the name of your home can also increase your curb appeal, and add value to your house for just £40. Check with your local council to apply.

Allerton Windows Can Give You Curb Appeal

Allerton Windows have almost 30 years of experience measuring, building and installing windows and doors, fascias, porches and more. We’ve watched as trends come and go, and some stick for good.

Like the much loved uPVC front door, cost-effective, simple designs and low maintenance make this one of the most popular options for front doors. View our curb appeal boosters for ideas and get in touch today if you’re ready to give your front a refresh.