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Luxury Property Refurbishment Case Study

By Tony Hanratty on 31st March 2023 (updated: 16th January 2024) in Case Studies

Our Luxury Property Refurbishment Creates Not 1 But 4 New Living Areas

We might not always get the weather, but when we do, it’s glorious.

Our residents at Lyons Lane recognised this when they instructed us to create an extension to their home that opened up their living space and created additional garden living areas outside.

What started as an inspired idea, led to a new landscape and luxury property refurbishment, adding not just one new living space but four new areas to retreat to. And more importantly? All of them can be used all year round!

We’ll guide you through our process at Lyons Lane, and offer you tips and design ideas for elevating your home with a luxury property refurbishment. From balcony styles to garden zoning and more, read on to hear how Allerton Windows created this project.

Brand new balcony at Lyons Lane luxury property refurbishment in Liverpool. Juliette balcony at Lyons Lane luxury property refurbishment in Liverpool.

Open Up Your Living Spaces

There’s nothing quite like a fresh new floor plan to make your home feel like a new one! When it comes to single-storey extensions, you’re not just adding a room to the side of your house, there are so many design ideas that can elevate your living spaces. From kitchen diners to garden rooms, music rooms and more.

Lyons Lane knew they wanted to create a larger living room space where they could entertain not only their family but visiting guests. So the primary purpose of their single-storey extension was to create an open-plan dining room experience. This meant that their current kitchen living combo was elongated with a dining element.

This new space allows Lyons Lane to entertain more than just their own family with a beautiful view of their new garden landscape, all thanks to the beautifully integrated Bi-folding doors that bring the outside in!

The transitional nature of bi-fold doors means this dining room is not just tied to an in-door setting but can accommodate outside entertainment, with an open space for children to come and go during the summer, or cocktail parties to spill onto the patio on autumn nights.

The lantern window in this luxury property refurbishment also provides natural light throughout the year, avoiding unnecessary dark spots in the extended living space. Since the room is elongated, we didn’t want to lose this extra light and therefore the combination of the lantern roof, bi-folding doors and adjacent uPVC windows makes for an airy transitional space.

Extended living area in luxury property refurbishment in liverpool. Extended dining area in luxury property refurbishment in liverpool.

Utilise New Features

Allerton Windows created a second living space for the bedroom above the new floor plan. By opening up a balcony above the new dining room, Lyons Lane now has their own secret retreat, hidden above their garden.

This is a place they can enjoy morning, noon and night. It’s a hideaway space where they can sunbathe or drink morning coffee, relax in the sun or watch over the rest of their family whilst playing in the garden.

Not only did we add this new space for Lyons Lane to enjoy, but a matching Juliette balcony in the adjacent bedroom offered a refreshing way to enjoy the garden from afar. Adding this element further ties the home and garden together, creating a more open feel to the house. Find out more balcony ideas in our upcoming blog.

New extension and balcony in luxury property refurbishment at lyons lane in Liverpool New balcony in luxury property refurbishment at lyons lane in Liverpool

Garden Living Areas

The third space that Lyons Lane created during this luxury property refurbishment was an outdoor eating and seating area. Their outdoor kitchenette features a functional sink, drinks fridge and storage for barbequing equipment and food! It’s the perfect place to entertain family and guests, from small after-work BBQs to full bonfire night parties.

Streamlined seating accommodates the full family and more, meaning their entertainment possibilities are endless come the spring and summer months. The elegant, slimline design of this seating area adds a layer of modernity to their luxury property refurbishment and zones in on their specific style. The slate block walls pair perfectly with their blocky planters and matching statement balcony planters.

Outdoor furniture can also add style and personality to your garden living areas. From chunky woven designs to integrated seating and planters. For their new balcony retreat, Lyons Lane opted for basketweave seating and chunky planters that matched the aesthetic of their lower-level planters.

Adding coffee tables, outdoor rugs and other garden furniture such as reading nooks, heaters, side tables and furnaces can create outdoor living spaces that feel just like home. Topped off with elegant lighting fixtures, such as string lights, solar-powered spotlights and other designs, you can make these areas transition from day to night. Make use of your outdoor garden areas day and night, spring to winter.

New streamlined zoned garden seating in luxury property refurbishment in liverpool. New streamlined zoned garden seating in luxury property refurbishment in liverpool.

What is garden zoning?

Garden zoning is particularly useful when it comes to long, narrow gardens. However, it can be a way of landscaping any garden to create different areas for different purposes. Maybe you’d like a reading nook with swinging seats or a quiet hammock snoozing area, a grilling station on your patio or a dining set under a pergola. There are so many different options you can create your own paradise to suit your needs.

You can create hidden areas with garden dividers such as hedges and planters, long grasses or trellises. Segmenting your garden zones can be a creative way to show off your personality. You can make the most of levels, add edible screens or create archways with climbing plants. From rustic fencing and wildflower meadows to slimline seating and stone zoning. No matter your style, there’s an interesting way to create outdoor spaces to suit you.

Family-friendly Swimming Space

The final garden living area we incorporated into Lyons Lane’s luxury property refurbishment was this family-friendly swimming pool and shower station. There’s nothing like your own relaxing space to enjoy the British summertime than your own outdoor pool. By incorporating it into the design scheme, Allerton Windows created wood decking and a smart, stylish modesty screen for the family to enjoy their pool in peace.

Outside shower zone in luxury property refurbishment in liverpool. safety covered swimming pool in luxury property refurbishment in liverpool.

Do you need planning permission for an outdoor swimming pool?

The great part about providing your family with a fun new way to stay active all year round is that you rarely need planning permission for an outdoor swimming pool. Outdoor swimming pools count as garden projects, and so only on rare occasions will you need your council’s planning permission.

The only times you’ll need planning permission for an outdoor swimming pool is if your garden is part of an Area of Outstanding National Beauty, located in a National Park, in a Greenbelt zone, a conservation site or a World Heritage site. To find out when is permission required visit the government website.

Luxury Property Refurbishment with Allerton Windows

If you’re looking for an outdoor living room, extended living space or a new outdoor kitchen to accommodate your family’s needs, Allerton Windows are here to help you create a design specific to you!

We’ll get to work on a landscape and design that puts your ideas into perspective. With smart ideas like transitional bi-folding doors, adding natural light with lantern windows or utilising new spaces with extension balconettes.

No matter what your style, personality or home needs, seek help from the North West’s trusted home renovation experts!