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Front Door Inspiration for 2023

By Tony Hanratty on 7th March 2023 (updated: 16th January 2024) in Blog

Out with the ‘in’ and in with the ‘out’. Interior design trends have taken over the internet lately, but are you looking after your exterior design? Your home’s curb appeal can both attract buyers and show off your personality when you make it your own.

The last few years have seen a rising trend of pink front doors, but what are some other front door trends for 2023?

Go bold or go home. Mixed material elements. Smart features. There are tons of ways you can spruce up your front door and Allerton Windows have some inspiration for you. Create a natural aesthetic with wood-stained doors, add dimension with glass panels or bring your home into the future with smart doorbells and locking systems.

Read our post about the front door trends you need to look out for in 2023.

Front porch extension in Wavertree by Allerton Windows.New front door installation in Liverpool.   UPVC door installation in Liverpool by Allerton Windows.

Exterior Design Trends in 2023

A massive trend that picked up in 2022 was mixed materials. From real wood, brickwork, stone features and steel elements, you can create depth and textures, unlike previous uniform property trends.

Woodwork can add a layered effect and visual interest, but it also disrupts the monotony of symmetry, solid colours and uniform brickwork. Create a feature porch or statement front door like our client in Stockport:


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Not only do stone and brickwork add texture, but the lights and darks can also create depth and character that contrast the clean line look. This can be added with stone walkways and paths, brick walls, stone masonry and porch features. Take a look at this unique brickwork porch we finished in Liverpool.


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Front Door Colour Trends 2023

Your front door can truly change the facade of your home. So when it comes to choosing the right colour, a big decision is at hand. 

Although Black is the go-to colour when it comes to selling, the top spots for front door colour trends in 2023 are taken by rich red, sage green, blue hues and mellow yellows. These are the most popular, on-trend colours for your front door this year.

When it comes to choosing the colour of your front door in 2023, don’t forget to pay attention to the period of your property, the colours and textures surrounding your door and other porch details to make sure you’ve got a cohesive look. 

Allerton Windows shares the top front door colour trends in 2023

Front Door Inspiration

No matter the trend, there is always a way to make your home uniquely yours. We’ve put together a long list of front-door inspiration ideas to get you started. 

Wooden Doors

Wooden front door inspiration with potted plants - Photo by Alex Staudinger:

Style a wooden door with intricate details like the above window and layer with potted plants for a natural aesthetic. All of our uPVC windows come with the option to add Georgian bars and you can create a door feature to suit your tastes since everything we make is custom to you.Glass panelled front door for inspiration on front door trends in 2023.

Pair distressed wood grains with darker accessories like these outside lanterns. Along with ceramics and transitional stonework, you can make a liminal space between the outside and your home.

Beautiful archway with set back white door with panels for blog about front door inspiration in 2023.

Set back doors don’t have to be forgotten about. Create intricate designs with Georgian bars and window panelling for a feature to admire, even in its own space.

Natural Materials

Modern wooden front door idea with deep wood panelling and lightwood door. Photo by Bilal Mansuri: Using natural materials doesn’t have to make it look ‘rustic’. Playing with the shades and tones of your wood grains can add depth and character like this creative, modern front door idea.

Wooden front door inspiration with lighting and greenery. Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy:

Using glass panels to open up your door can not only add more natural light to your entrance but also make it feel more inviting to welcome your guests.

Stone decor around wooden door for front door ideas in 2023 blog. Photo by Mariana Kurnyk:

There are tons of ways you can use stone at your entrance. From patterned borders to personalised porches. You can create a welcoming place for guests to escape the rain. We have installed many porches in our time, and work our plans around your ideas.

Stone decor around a wooden door for inspiration in 2023. Photo by Laura Tancredi:

Stonework doesn’t have to be original for it to make a statement. You can add traditional designs to newer houses, mixing old with new but still keeping on trend.

Door Knockers

Now, these can just scream personality. Whether it’s traditional, a familial crest or just plain interesting, choosing a door knocker can add so much to your home’s curb appeal. Here are some that we’ve found.

Pink house with lion door knocker for blog on front door ideas. The homeowner of this traditional door knocker and doorbell combination has it spot on with the matching window paint.

Stag's head door knocker for front door ideas blog. Photo by Karolina:

This stag’s head is reminiscent of a family crest. And here is one of our most recent favourites:


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Door Furniture

A blue door with bench seating for front door ideas. Photo by Alison Ferreira:

Offering seating can be another way to welcome guests, as well as provide a transitional space for taking off muddy shoes or waiting for a taxi.

Purple decking on post about front door ideas in 2023.

Or maybe just a space for you only!

Front Door Canopy Ideas

Above all the trends we’ve seen lately, a front door canopy has got to be the most on-trend in 2023. Here are just some of our front door canopy ideas.

Front door canopy idea for blog. Photo by Anna Kozlova:

Leafy front door canopy for blog about front door ideas. Photo by Elie Nammour:

cherry blossom canopy idea for front door. Photo by Anfisa Eremina:

Front Door Inspiration from Allerton Windows

Allerton Windows has been boosting curb appeal and updating front doors to suit homeowners for over thirty years. We’ve seen trends come and go, some of them stick, and some of them interesting to say the least but these front door ideas should inspire you when it comes to creating an entrance that is uniquely yours.