Personalise Your Home with These Front Garden Ideas
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Personalise Your Home with These Front Garden Ideas

By Tony Hanratty on 30th June 2023 (updated: 16th January 2024) in Blog

When buying a new house, there’s nothing more exciting than making it feel like home. From picking out colour schemes and furniture shopping to fussing over the little details like ornaments and plants. So why then, should your front garden be any different?

Whether you’re a gardening rookie or have natural green fingers, we have a bunch of front garden ideas that will spark inspiration for your new home.


The garden path is a thoroughfare that should never be ignored. It’ll be the first point of interest for visiting friends and family, and you’ll likely be walking those same five steps at least twice a day. So why not make it the feature of your garden?

Illuminate your pathway with solar-powered lighting for an energy-efficient way to guide guests home at the end of the day and allow you to enjoy your garden day and night.

Solar lights for blog about front garden ideas.

Planting borders can add depth to the pathway and provide an array of colours and scents to welcome you home. Line your pathway with mesmerising aromas like Lavender or Sweet  Alyssum, a beautiful carpet of tiny white and pink flowers that smell sweet like honey. These scents add a welcoming hug to any walkway.

If you’re looking for year-long aromas, look no further than Jasmine. Its white, star-shaped flowers will add joy to your summer garden, and the winter variety shows off its bright, buttery blooms as early as January, dispelling any wintery gloom. Combine the two and watch as their colours take turns to shine in your front garden.

Best of all, Jasmine is an evergreen climbing plant, so you can enjoy the twisting vines and winter-hardy greenery all year round. A perfect addition to walkways and porches, creating an archway around your path or above your door for a year-long feature.

If it’s a climbing wall of flowers you’re after, Clematis has a rich diversity of flower shapes and sizes. Each variety blooms in different seasons so you can keep a mixed trellis vibrant all year long. They also have similar growth requirements to Jasmine, meaning they can live harmoniously together as companion plants.

Honeysuckle and Wisteria are both hardy climbers that can also make a statement around a doorway or arch. They both have distinct fragrances and attract butterflies and honeybees into your garden.

Clematis archway for blog about front garden ideas.

If you’re looking to create a floral space but don’t have green fingers, think about alpine and succulent borders. Carving out a rocky border for your front garden is an easy way to create a natural-looking feature with minimal effort. Alpines are hardy plants that don’t need much upkeep. They come in a range of colours, textures and only need watering once a month.

Creeping Thyme is a low-growing plant that spreads out and crawls across stony areas. It’s evergreen and shows off its pink, white and purple flowers during summertime. Sedums are the perfect plant for green-fingered first-timers. They sprawl out quickly and love curling over stones and rocks.

Succulents for blog about front garden ideas.

Uplifting your front garden is more than just creating a pleasant place to walk through. A  personalised garden can add character to your home and help it stand out from the rest.

Growing herbs can be a wholesome way to integrate your outdoor space into the way you live. Not only are they cost-effective but they involve minimal upkeep. No matter the season or size of your plot, anyone can grow herbs and enjoy a bountiful crop all year round.

Sage, Rosemary and Thyme are staple herbs in many recipes. They can be used in a variety of ways: dried and added to salt, freshly picked and lightly fried, or used as a garnish to elevate a dish. Create your own herb oils, vinaigrettes or flavoured butter. These top picks have limitless versatility, and you can savour that ‘I grew them myself’ feeling. 

Children love to smell and play in edible gardens as an interactive way to learn about nature.  Getting them involved with growing the family’s herb garden means it won’t feel like a chore, but more a part of your lifestyle together.

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Foraging and building seasonal wreaths is a great way to get the children involved. Picking up pinecones on autumn walks or arranging their favourite garden flowers can be a fun way to learn about the seasons and nature.

Wreaths are not just for Christmas. They can make your new home feel inviting and fresh,  with lots of natural materials to choose from. Get stuck in and be creative, your children will love being part of your homemaking. 

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If you’re looking for more child-friendly front garden ideas, why not invite nature over with butterfly boxes and bird baths? Building bug houses together and watching them attract local caterpillars and ladybirds can quickly become one of your child’s favourite past times and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Watching robins, goldfinches and bluetits wading into your bird bath and shaking their feathers can be a stunning memory to have. Make sure your bath has a gentle slope and isn’t too deep. Try to place it away from any thick shrubbery where local cats can lurk, but close enough to some branches where your new winged friends can escape to.

Bird box for blog about front garden ideas.

Enjoy the trickling sound of a water feature in your front garden, providing a calm and tranquil environment. Water fountains are easily installed, can come with solar-powered elements, and add another level of zen to your outdoor space.

Add a bench to your front garden so you can take in the new landscape you’ve created. Enjoy the wafting aromas of scented flowers and herbs, savour the calming sounds of cascading water, and delight in the presence of the local wildlife attracted to your new, welcoming garden.

Trickling water feature for blog about front garden ideas.

Your new home is a canvas to create your own space, make it yours and give it that personal touch. Whether it’s a statement front door, personalised windows or relaxing porch space, there are so many ways you can upgrade your kerb appeal. Create a home you’ll be proud to live in. For more renovation ideas and styling tips such as curb appeal trends, read our blog for more!