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How to Style a Balcony: From Spring to Winter

By Tony Hanratty on 6th September 2023 (updated: 19th October 2023) in Blog

Winter, spring, summer or fall. The seasonal changes throughout the year breathe life into any garden and this doesn’t have to stop at ground level. As seasoned experts in windows and doors, Allerton Windows have over 25 years of experience designing, drawing and building balconies across the North West and beyond. 

We’ve watched houses transform, from closed-off spaces to breathtaking Juliette balconies, to entertaining spaces atop home extensions. There are so many varieties of balconies to choose from to make your home’s footprint unique. 

And what better way to complement a new balcony than to furnish, dress and style it across multiple seasons? Giving your new balcony a personal touch and an inspiring frontage all year around. If you’re thinking of upgrading your home, get in touch today. Read on to find our seasonal balcony ideas.

Image of a juliette balcony with flowers flowing over.

Spring balcony ideas

The season of change. Spring is a time of rebirth and growth. When small buds are peeping, it’s time to freshen things up with both your interior and exterior designs. Much like the seasonal wreath, a spring balcony can become a focal point for your home. 

Spread warmth with colours and tones that radiate growth, and bring natural elements into the fold. Here are some spring balcony decorating ideas to get you started. 

What are spring balcony decorating ideas?

Let’s start with the basics. Outdoor balcony furniture should always complement the space available. Find furniture that works with the size, and also transitions well from indoor to outdoor usage.

If you have a small balcony, you might want to utilise the area with a hanging chair, that leaves space for plant pots, books and other decor beneath it. 

If you’re working with more square footage, then cast-iron dining seats or a bench could make it more inviting to entertain. 

When it comes to spring designs, natural furnishings always work well. From wicker chairs to hardwood benching. Find furniture that transitions seamlessly between your bedroom or landing, into the natural world. 

Much like door wreaths, the iron gating or glass panels can be styled with winding decorations. These can be real or synthetic climbing plants, May-day-inspired ribbons, or patchwork bunting. 

If you’re greenfingered, a small glass house can make a difference when it comes to growing your own herbs and vegetables. Having a dedicated garden space on your balcony can create a seamless transition from the great outdoors into your home.

When it comes to lighting, the softer the better, fairlights and solar candles can light the way making your balcony cosy during the crisp spring evenings. A retractable awning can also work well for those April showers, and even act as shade on those rare warmer days in May.

Image of a balcony during summer with a plant and seating.

Summer balcony ideas

If you’re from the UK this season is fleeting, but when it comes around, there’s no doubt you’ll want to spend as much of your time outside as you do inside. Creating a dedicated space for sunbathing, with cooling stations for wildlife, and a place to eat, drink and relax are all integral to a summer balcony aesthetic. 

How to decorate your balcony for summer? 

Planting greenery, cacti, hanging baskets and climbing plants can all add depth to your balcony, whether it’s a Juliet balcony plan or larger. The colours, heights and different sizes of plants create a multi-layered design, offering more than just a row of potted pansies.

For larger balcony plans, wooden pergolas can add another layer to your raised platform, creating an almost encased room in the sky. Intertwining grape vines, pea shoots or other climbing plants can add extra privacy when it comes to relaxation in your space. 

If you live in a conservation area, you might want to attract the local wildlife. Watch as bees hum along lavender pots, or birds bathe in baths just for them. Hook your favourite set of binoculars as a statement piece on your wall with added functionality. 

How to keep a balcony cool in summer?

The retractable awning can also become a blessing when it comes to the hotter months. When natural light is in abundance and the sun’s rays bounce down, it’s good to have that space of fresh air outside your home, without the UV rays.

You can also use adjustable blinds, or natural materials to block out any sunlight that may be heating up your space in the sky. For extra privacy when it comes to glass panels, add bamboo cladding. 

This plant material is lightweight and easily recyclable and can add another layer of natural beauty. Alternatively, coir material can be used interchangeably and protects your skin from UV rays when relaxing outside.

Image of a balcony that has been decorated for summer with potted plants.

Autumn balcony ideas

You know those sounds and smells. Crunching leaves, crisp conkers, dewy grass, another season for change as we transition into the colder months. Autumn is a time of enchanting change. A time for falling leaves to give space for new buds. 

When autumn nights draw in, there’s nothing more we want than to snuggle up inside and stay by the fire. But there are ways you can enjoy the seasonal changes in nature, whilst still staying cosy. Below are our autumnal balcony decoration ideas.

What are some autumn balcony decoration ideas?

There’s nothing like a fall balcony. Arguably one of the most wholesome, cosy and aesthetic seasons of them all, autumn can bring in a change that feels just as refreshing as spring. Although it may be time to bring out the space heater, there are still many ways you can decorate your balcony for autumn. 

Heather and candles are a classic combination of natural elements that embody an autumnal feel. Mix up your plants with flora that speaks to the season. Such as the changing colours of maple – where the colder the fall, the redder the leaves. There’s nothing more autumnal than those reddish shades making a statement on your fall balcony. 

To make it truly seasonal, adding jack 

o’lanterns, pumpkins and Halloween decorations to your railing, door panels and shrubbery can foster an inviting, or maybe frightening, autumnal aesthetic. 

Image of an balcony in autumn.


Frost-filled birdbaths, snow-covered lawns and sleeping wildlife. There’s nothing we love more in Winter than to hibernate like our fauna friends. But finding a unique space to watch the winter months roll by is nothing short of fascinating. You might be wondering how to protect balcony plants during this time, or how to keep your balcony warm and we have the ultimate options. We’re here to help you prepare and decorate your balcony for winter.

How to protect balcony plants in winter?

If you’re worried about your plants withering when open to the elevated elements, why not readjust your Juliette balcony plan for the colder months? Moving your potted plants closer to your home’s walls can give them a better chance through the frost, or even covering them with a canopy or homing them in a glass house just for those last three months. 

How to keep a balcony warm in winter?

Although a space heater may have already made its way out onto your balcony, there are more aesthetic options when it comes to staying warm in winter. Fleece throws, throw pillows and blankets with patchwork patterns and frosty designs can elevate your relaxing space. 

Adding soft fabric matting can also add insulation for your feet. Think about putting an extra layer beneath for even more protection from the elements. Lots of layered cosy rugs and blankets will make your space feel warm and inviting. 

How to decorate my balcony in winter?

If autumn hasn’t brought one to mind already, think about placing a small, portable fire pit atop your balcony. However you must always take precautions depending on the size, length and height of your space, and to be aware of any decor catching too. 

Cosy candles can also add warmth both physically and aesthetically to your winter balcony. And always make sure evergreen flora are included in your plant plans so you can enjoy the natural beauty all year round.

What is a Juliette balcony? 

Romeo Romeo… no, not quite. Although the balcony was named after this infamous play, there’s no actual mention of a balcony in the script, only a window at which Juliette appears. Thus, the Italian architectural design of a window with railing at the outer plane has come to adopt this name. 

It’s important to note that the main difference between this type of balcony, or, balconette, and regular-sized balconies is that there is no protrusion. Meaning, the homeowner cannot step out onto the balcony. But since there is no landing space to walk, what does this mean for planning permission when it comes to building a Juliette balcony? 

Image of a Juliette balcony with vines growing up the wall.

Do you need planning permission for a Juliette balcony? 

In the UK, most Juliette balconies do not require planning permission. Meaning you can replace your windows with french doors, and a wrought iron or glass encasement to create this design, letting in more light and refreshing breezes any time of the year. However, if you live in a listed building, building regulations may be different. Always check with your local planning authority.

Do you need planning permission for a balcony?

In the UK, raised platforms come under permitted planning. This means that any free-standing balcony, rooftop balcony or other raised platform must be confirmed by your local planning authority. This is mostly due to neighbouring privacy, and building regulations that must be followed. 


If you’re thinking of building a balcony in your home, enjoy a flash of inspiration by reading our luxury property renovation case study, or get in touch with Allerton Windows to see how we can elevate your outdoor living space.