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Inspiration for a Kitchen Renovation: Our Top 10 Extensions

By Tony Hanratty on 23rd November 2023 (updated: 24th November 2023) in Blog

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We all know the phrase “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. And for good reason – it perfectly captures the impact your kitchen has on your living space.

Your kitchen isn’t just the place you cook your daily meals, as important as that is. It’s a place to gather in the mornings and the evenings, to share your news or pass the time. It’s a place to grab a quick drink and gather your thoughts before you head out, and to decompress and unwind after a long day.

The kitchen truly is the place where your home comes into its own. And that means you want it to be a space you truly love spending time in. You want it to look and feel exactly right. And while we can’t all be lucky enough to already have the kitchen of our dreams, a well-planned kitchen renovation can transform your kitchen into the perfect space for your needs.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a kitchen refurbishment, then look no further. We’ve got renovation ideas to suit all tastes. At Allerton Windows, we’ve spent more than 25 years helping our customers build the kitchen of their dreams. So whether you’re looking for a little refresh or a complete overhaul, we’ve got ideas to help stir your imagination.

How much does a kitchen diner extension cost?

If you’re looking to turn your kitchen into an attractive, multi-purpose space that you can really settle into, then a kitchen diner extension is a great choice. Whether you enjoy hosting friends and family or just like the idea of a place where you and your family can spend time together, it’s the perfect choice.

Of course, when you’re starting to plan your kitchen extension, the first question you’ll want to ask yourself is: what’s it going to cost? This will be a major consideration when it comes to deciding on which kitchen refurbishment inspiration is right for you. Naturally, the more space you’re looking to create, the bigger the job involved – and that means a higher cost.


Kitchen extension with bifold doors in Liverpool by Allerton Windows.

Kitchen extension with bifold doors in Liverpool.


It’s not possible to give a general cost estimate for kitchen diner extensions, as it will depend on a huge range of factors, from the size of the extension to your choice of flooring, windows and other features. An open plan kitchen diner is a very versatile option, and that means it can take a wide variety of forms. To get a clear idea of the cost, you should speak to a trusted professional to get a personalised quote.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that a kitchen diner extension is a long-term investment in your home. If you’re going to put the time, effort and money into planning and building a kitchen diner extension, you’ll want to ensure you get the result you’re looking for.

But how do you get started with your design?

How to design a kitchen diner

Designing a kitchen diner extension begins with getting a clear sense of what you’re hoping to achieve. Without an outcome in mind when you begin, you can easily end up going off course and ending up with something that doesn’t fit your needs.

When you think of your ideal kitchen space, what does it look like? What do you want to be able to do there, and how do you want to feel? You’ll also want to think about the flow of the space – how you’ll move between the different areas, such as from the kitchen to the dining space.

These questions will give you the initial clue to some of the decisions you’ll need to make at the very start. This includes deciding on the size of your extension and the layout you want, as well as the style and decor you’re aiming for.

Of course, this can be a challenging process to undertake alone, especially if this is your first time planning a kitchen renovation. It can help to discuss your plans with an experienced professional who can suggest options for your kitchen extension or point out potential issues with your plans.

And it always helps to search for inspiration by looking at other people’s completed kitchen extensions. So, with that in mind, we’ve provided a list of our top ten kitchen extensions that we’ve completed here at Allerton Windows.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find some kitchen renovation inspiration to spur your own creativity!

Allerton Windows’ Top 10 Kitchen Extensions

1. Let there be light

One of the most exciting aspects of kitchen diner extension is the way it can bring natural light flooding into your space. With the addition of a skylight or lantern roof, you can make your kitchen diner a brightly lit and highly pleasant place to spend your time. And when coupled with bifold or French doors, the results can be truly spectacular.


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For this stunning renovation, we incorporated an extensive lantern roof and bi-folding doors. As you can see, this allowed sunlight to pour into the expansive new kitchen space for a truly spectacular finish. And the pets seem pretty happy about it, too!

2. Bring the outside in

We’ve talked elsewhere about how bifold doors are a great way to bring the outside in. And when it comes to your kitchen, being able to move easily between your indoor and outdoor space is a major benefit. Imagine hosting BBQs and garden parties all summer long – or, at least, as much as the great British summer weather will allow you…


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Here you can see how the addition of a 3-pane bifold door allows for a smooth interconnection between the kitchen and decking area, and then out onto the large garden. This easy flow between indoor and outdoor spaces makes for a perfect space for hosting – or just for enjoying the summer sun.

3. Find your style

Getting the kitchen renovation of your dreams isn’t just about the size and layout – it’s about the decor, too. You want your kitchen to fit your style, whatever that might be. And the possibilities are truly endless, especially if you choose the right team to manage your extension project.

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For this project, we delivered a striking contemporary design for the combined kitchen and living area, with a refined gloss white finish for the cupboards and a touch of grey throughout.


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Here, by contrast, the wood-effect flooring and exposed brick provide a more rustic look. Just as cosy, but with a different feel.

And this contrast just goes to show – you really can tailor your kitchen extension to suit your particular style. So, what’s it going to be?

4. Think big…

Sometimes it can be good to just let your imagination run wild. What would your kitchen extension look like if you embraced your most exciting ideas?


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This large-scale project on Lyons Lane proves that sometimes bigger really is better. This was more than just a kitchen extension – it was a whole new floorplan for this luxury property, adding four new living areas and an outdoor kitchenette. It’s a great reminder that when planning a kitchen extension, there’s no need to confine yourself to the basics. For more details on this expansive project, read our case study.

5. … And think bold

Of course, letting your imagination loose isn’t just about going bigger – it’s also about going bolder, and not being constrained by the usual expectations. This is your kitchen, and it should fit your needs, whatever they may be.


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For this kitchen renovation project, we added some distinctive features to ensure our customers got the exact layout they needed.

In order to make the most of the newly opened kitchen space, the oven and hob were integrated into the breakfast bar, with an extractor placed directly above. And to ensure the space was usable throughout the year, we incorporated eye-catching vertical radiators between the two brand-new bifold doors.

6. Work with what you’ve got

Of course, you don’t need acres of space to get the kitchen renovation of your dreams. With careful planning and a well-judged layout, you can turn even a smaller space into a highly functional kitchen diner.


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This 4.8m x 3m kitchen extension is proof that you can create an attractive space whatever the dimensions you have to work with. With a kitchen and dining space, as well as a TV point neatly slotted into this cosy extension, our customer has everything they need to cook, eat and relax.

7. A seat at the bar

A number of our examples so far have incorporated breakfast bars, and that’s a testament to the major benefits they can bring to your kitchen space. By adding some added room for casual dining – or just a space to sit and chill over your morning coffee – they add extra flexibility and refinement no matter the dimensions you have to work with.


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In this stunning kitchen renovation, you can see how the breakfast bar seating complements the more traditional dining area to add a more relaxed option. This is the kind of versatility that will make your kitchen extension a major benefit to your home.

8. Staying warm and cosy

If your kitchen renovation is going to be creating a larger space or adding multi-panel doors for garden access, you’ll also want to think about heating options. After all, if you’ve gone to that effort to bring the outdoors in, you’ll want to be able to make use of your space all year round!

But this doesn’t have to be just a practical question of where to put the radiator. Adding heat sources can be a way to accentuate your chosen decor and add an extra touch of cosiness.


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For this renovation, we added an eye-catching electric fire in the lounge area. This not only ensured the room would be a relaxing place to unwind even in the coldest weather, but it also complemented the sleek, contemporary look our customer had chosen.

9. Garden living

Expanding your dining space is a major benefit of a kitchen renovation. If you’re a social butterfly and like to invite friends and family over for food and drinks, then you really can’t have too many places for people to sit and enjoy. And that includes making the most of your garden space.


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Here you can see how the new orangery opens out onto a tastefully lit outdoor dining area. What better place to sit and grab a bite during those long summer evenings?

10. Storage Wars

One big tip for planning your kitchen renovation is to imagine yourself using the space. What will it look and feel like to come down in the morning and make a cup of coffee? How will you dish up a big dinner for friends and family – and what’s it going to be like cleaning up afterwards?

These kinds of questions can help you design a space that fits your needs. And they direct you toward some important practical issues – none of which are more important than storage.

If you love cooking elaborate meals or you just have many mouths to feed, you won’t want to feel like you don’t have the space to store all the ingredients and implements you need. However securing adequate storage space doesn’t mean sacrificing style.


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Here you can see how the striking matte grey styling makes the floor-to-ceiling cupboards into an eye-catching element of the decor. And the breakfast bar isn’t just a handy bit of counter space – it also includes more cupboard space underneath.

Is an open-plan kitchen a good idea?

As you can see in the examples above, open-plan kitchens are a popular choice right now – especially when it comes to kitchen diners. An open-plan approach is often the easiest way to integrate cooking and dining spaces. But are they a good idea?

Well, as with any renovation plan, it’s all going to depend on what you’re looking for from your space. The open plan approach is great for encouraging a more communal feeling in your home. By removing the separation between your kitchen and your social spaces, you can enjoy an easier and more relaxed approach to spending time together.

It’s also a brilliant way to make your home lighter and brighter. An open-plan kitchen will allow for more window space, and that means you’ll get more natural light flooding in. As you’ll have seen from our examples above, open-plan kitchens are particularly compatible with bifold doors – another great choice for bringing the outside in.

Of course, if you’re inclined to seek privacy – or you just prefer to keep the sounds and smells of cooking confined to one space – an open-plan kitchen might not be right for you. If you’re not sure which approach would suit your space best, it’s worth discussing with a professional who will be able to outline your options.

How much value does a kitchen diner extension add?

A kitchen diner extension can be a major investment – especially if your plans are particularly bold. If you’re considering a large-scale extension with multiple additional rooms, this is likely going to be a big decision. And part of that decision is understanding how – or if – it will affect the value of your house.

As with the cost of a kitchen diner extension, its impact on your house value will depend on a huge range of factors. Nevertheless, if your extension is well-designed and properly installed, you can be quite confident it will increase the overall value of your house to some extent.

Plan your dream kitchen renovation with Allerton Windows

Whatever your aims and ambitions for your kitchen renovation, the first step is to find experienced professionals to work with you. And while it goes without saying that you’ll want to work with tradespeople who can provide the perfect finish for your new kitchen, why not look for a partner who can offer inspiration and guidance at the design stage, too?

Here at Allerton Windows, we’ve been managing and implementing bespoke kitchen extensions for more than 25 years. You’ve seen just a few examples of the transformative projects we’ve delivered for our customers across the North West – and hopefully, you can see that the sky truly is the limit for what we can offer.

So, whether you’re in the early stages of gathering your inspiration or you’re raring to get started with your kitchen renovation, call us today on 0151 268 6831 or fill out the contact form on our website.